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Radius Mill | TR4F

Indexable tool

  • Then definitive type for rough machining, even with large molds

  • A lineup of 4000 type with multi-cutting edge and 5000 type for deep cutting

  • The inserts has 4 corners with positive cutting edge

Tool functions

Tool applications

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 3.01.31 PM.png
  • Hard to chip even in interrupted cutting

  • Reduced risk of jamming even in chips

  • Hard to scratch even when processing along the wall

Features and uses



[Problem] Shape processing is performed by high-feed processing, but chip clogging and biting are severe, and efficiency cannot be improved.

Proposed Solutions



A new machine tool is introduced to improve the efficiency of a rough machining process. You want to shorten the machining time with high-feed machining, but increasing the feed speed shortens the life of the tool and prevents the machine from working to its full potential.

Proposed Solutions

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